oday, cosmetics are an essential part of every woman, teenager and
      mature adult. While professional hair, skin and health centered day
      spa salons offer an array of makeup and hair care products, nothing has
enjoyed a growth of interest as much as the application of cosmetic
tattooing. From tattooed eyebrows to eyeliner, lip liner to blush, the
permanent application of makeup is exactly what the modern,
workingwoman is searching for. Time to throw away your eyebrow
pencils, eyebrow powders, eyeliner inks, lipsticks and stains!

Before & After: Eyebrows and Eyeliners

A strong self-image is essential in today's competitive work world.
Appearance is the first impression of a woman's confidence and her ability
to lead. Day or night, natural good looks or a very dramatic example of
artistic makeup can give a woman a competitive edge that makes a
powerful statement. Great skin, along with a clean complexion go hand in
hand with a beautiful, bone structure designed eyebrow balanced with soft,
smoky eyeliner. The addition of permanently applied full, sexy colorful lips
are better than any waterproof makeup offered on today's market.

Yes, permanent makeup, better known as tattooing or micro pigmentation,
is now mainstreaming. It's being taught in medical spas as well as cosmetic
schools around the world. Ophthalmology surgeons were the first medical
professionals offering these services. With limited understanding of
makeup artistry, most of their healed results were less than desirable…
true artists were needed!

Most important, this is an art form. Great artwork doesn't just happen.
Years of experience and an eye for color and balance are going to make
the difference between a makeup technician and a true makeup artist. A
great permanent makeup artist will bring out the best in a woman's bone
structure. This artist will camouflage the weak areas of a woman's face and
enhance her naturally beautiful features.

Hair loss due to chemo therapy treatments, Alopecia Areata
(partial or total hair loss), Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder),
ageing, health issues or over tweezing can all be addressed for women,
men and children with the application of my companies eyebrow stamps (StampMeFabulous.com) or permanent cosmetics.

Wow! Permanent beauty!

Paula Pilmanis (signature)

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