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y name is Paula Pilmanis (Latvian, not Greek … by marriage).

I have been working in the beauty field since I was eighteen…
I am no longer in my teens.

I began my training in permanent cosmetics in 1985…
Wow! Has it been that long?

Over the last twenty years, I have been a member of many organizations.
Now, I am more selective as to whom I will list as a fellow colleague. They must be exceptionally talented as well as possessing great ethical standards.

Mentioning the above may not seem important to you right now,
however, it becomes very important when you’re letting someone
permanently apply makeup to your precious face.

I am going to take a minute to toot my own horn and list some
of my achievements in order to impress you by letting you know
more about this artist.

I am an inventor and hold two patents. One is the Dermagraphics Pen®.
This pen was invented because there wasn’t a tool available with which I
could create a believable eyebrow hair strokes. Two years later, I created another pen which I use to create  “soft” eyeliner. My patented needle design is the most widely used design of choice in our industry today.

The second patent is Stamp Me Fabulous®. This tool is so much fun.
It started out as a tool used by new artists who could use it to “stamp” a great eyebrow or lip design onto their client. They could follow the design and get a great result. Now, this tool is sold out of salons, day spas, medical offices and makeup studios to men, women and children who want the look of brow hairs without the commitment of a tattoo. A very fun product.

You can view this product at: 
StampMeFabulous.com  or  dermagraphicsinc.com

I was the first instructor licensed to teach Permanent Makeup
in the state of California.

I have personally taught over 4000 technicians how to use my
equipment, color mixing, bone structure designing, areola
re-pigmenting following breast reconstruction, illusional tricks with
pigment and design as well as photography. The technicians have been
nurses, doctors, makeup artists, tattoo artists, hair stylists, estheticians,
physical therapists, artists, etc.… the training consisted of “one-on-one,” conventions, workshops, guest artist, esthetics trade shows as well as
the thousands of training videos our company has sold to technicians who
were not able to attend our classes but still wanted to learn my techniques.

I created the first “practice pads” for technicians to develop their skills prior
to working on the public. They came in an assortment of six colors to
help artists develop their understanding of skin undertones. This would
help them understand the colors needed for all skin tones.

I developed the first fully disposable system for permanent
cosmetic procedures which is now the standard throughout the
United States and Europe. Safety first.

I have had a bilateral removal and reconstruction of my breasts.
Yes, I had cancer. I know how it feels on both sides of the fence.
You can ask me anything about my experience.

I am not retired, however my working hours are designed for
quality, not quantity. I only book four clients a day.
Artwork is NOT a race, it’s a destination.

I have a great husband and a crazy fun sister (Celes Buck, owner
Derma Color in
Camarillo, CA  805/389-8993 also
offering permanent makeup services)
who love to mark out
time in my appointment book for getting out of town …
so if you have a tight schedule, book your appointment in advance.

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Permanent Makeup Center by Paula Pilmanis
Paula Pilmanis - photo

Founder Paula Pilmanis in her studio
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