y client and I are the design team! The finished artwork is
the result of our team effort.

It’s always fun to view photos of before and after artwork
These photos represent a mixture of the desires requested by
my client as well as my professional in-put.


Eyelash perming is a great service to show off those beautiful eyes!
This service takes 1 hour and makes the eyes look more youthful, the
whites of the eyes look clearer, the lashes look longer and the face
more beautiful. Lashes have a complete replacement cycle every 90 days.


Personally, I prefer a natural, hair-look eyebrow design. By creating a
hair-look eyebrow, I can give each client the look of perfectly placed
hairs complimentary to their bone structure. Creating a shadow among
the hair-look design can add color, depth and contrast. Beautiful!


The word soft should always be used in describing elegant eyeliner, complimentary to a woman’s eyes. Whether she prefers an eyelash enhancement, which is the filling in of the lash root area, or a more dramatic look showing off the colors of her iris, eyeliner should always bring attention to the beauty of her eyes, not her makeup.


Luscious, sexy, full, sensuous, plump, youthful, healthy…
all these words describe the desired effects a woman is seeking when
deciding to have her lips permanently enhanced with color. Color can be
applied to softly outline a woman’s lips adding just a hint of color or a
lip liner with blending used to create a fuller look and add a sculptured
appearance to thin lips. Full lip color offers youthful radiance and the
convenience of beautiful, luscious lip color 24 hour a day!


Sadly, my skills in matching a woman’s natural areola color to her reconstructed breast is in constant demand.

I am among those women who have had their breasts removed.
I personally understand the dramatic difference it can make in a
woman’s self image when her reconstructed breasts have a complete
look. None of us like feeling like a victim of our cancer.
Having the areolas restored helps close that chapter of our lives.
My skills in mixing the correct shade are spot on!

Permanent Makeup Center by Paula Pilmanis
Paula Pilmanis - photo

Founder Paula Pilmanis in her studio
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